About Us

Our Promise to You


We promise our primary goal is to care for and maintain your building or community, protect your property values, and to live up to your expectations without excuses.The heart of our company is our commitment to serve our customers.That is why RDM Services, Inc. was founded in 1996 – to faithfully and reliably provide the honest, dependable, and affordable service our customers are looking for.We have built a solid reputation as one of south Florida’s most trusted janitorial service providers, serving Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties.We invite you to ask any of our customers—they will tell you we do what we say we will do.


Our Service Philosophy


When you choose RDM as your service provider, you can expect unparalleled service because we …

  • Anticipate probable areas of concern and maintenance needs.We won’t wait for you to tell us to do something we know should be done. 
  • Prevent customer complaints or address them promptly.We strongly believe in preventing complaints by providing the service we say we will provide.On those rare occasions when we do receive a complaint, we address it promptly and follow-up so that it does not happen again. 
  • Quote responsibly and in the best interest of our customer.We refuse to profit by cutting corners or recommending unnecessary services.Our goal is to foster a mutually satisfying and lasting relationship. 

Our Employees


Our employees are responsibly screened, interviewed and trained.They are selected and hired to meet your unique requirements; then trained on-site to meet your specific needs.For your security and peace of mind, our employees are provided with company I.D.’s and uniforms at no additional cost to you.And every employee is made aware of and must share in RDM’s vision to provide unsurpassed service to our customer.


Our Customers


RDM Services, Inc. specializes in condominium and homeowners associations, so we understand the unique challenges and responsibilities faced by building/property managers as well as those faced by members of property owners associations.


Through our many years of service, we’ve worked with a diverse customer base.Some of our customers include high rise condominiums of over 600 units, multi-building condominium complexes, and active adult community recreation centers as well as various sized single-family and townhome communities.Our commercial experience also includes corporate and multi-tenant office buildings.We have the expertise to partner with you and provide the solutions you’re looking for!


Our Systems and Procedures


RDM’s efficient cleaning methods and tried-and-true systems ensure that we make the most of your cleaning and maintenance budget.

  • State-of-the-art telephone timekeeping system ensures employees are where they are supposed to be, when they’re supposed to be. 
  • Comprehensive and detailed work schedules and task descriptions ensure employees are doing what they are supposed to be doing, when they’re supposed to be doing it. 
  • Our pro-active management and supervisors are monitoring equipment and material needs regularly.No need to worry about employees having the proper cleaning chemicals, necessary supplies or functioning equipment. 
  • Both scheduled and unscheduled (surprise) quality control inspections ensure your complete satisfaction with our services. 


RDM Services, Inc. meets all state and local license and insurance

requirements including worker’s compensation and general liability insurance.


"Rene is an exceptional person! I highly recommend him for professional cleaning services and maintenance consulting. His expertise in the area of flooring maintenance has served us well. Rene and his staff have not only provided us with excellent service, they have also helped us forecast future needs and review the steps involved to get us there at a reasonable cost."

-- Marcel Sanchez