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What Type of Customer Does RDM Service?

RDM specializes in condominium and homeowners associations. We understand the unique challenges and responsibilities faced by building/property managers as well as those faced by members of the boards of property owners associations.

Who Are Some of RDM Customers?

Current customers include high rise condominiums, multi-building condominium complexes as well as various sized single-family and townhome communities. Included in each customized proposal, you will find a list of references comparable to your customer type, size, and service requirements.

What Services Besides Basic Janitorial Can RDM Provide?

RDM is a full service provider and is able to take care of all your special cleaning needs like deep cleaning your carpets, pressure cleaning your catwalk or pool areas, stripping and refinishing your vinyl flooring or polishing your marble floors.  We can also provide maintenance support such as changing light bulbs, minor paint projects, minor carpentry repairs.  Just tell us what you need!

How Does RDM Compute My Price?

Property or building size, surface coverings, quantity and size of common area amenities, current condition of areas to be cleaned, degree of cleaning or maintenance difficulty, special customer needs or requirements, frequency of service (daily, weekly, monthly, etc.) and number of service days required (5 days/week, 7 days/week, etc.) are all taken into consideration when determining your contract price.

What Does RDM Charge?

RDM service contracts are customized to meet each individual customer's specific needs and requirements. A survey of your property and a brief meeting with you will provide us with the necessary information to put together a comprehensive proposal complete with pricing and service specifications.

Can RDM Provide a Day Maid or Porter, Change Light bulbs or Perform Minor Repairs?

Just tell us what your needs are and RDM will provide you with the appropriate personnel to address all your special requests!

What if I Have an Emergency and Need to Reach RDM?

RDM's office is available to you 9:00am - 5:00pm, Monday through Friday. However, RDM management is available 24-hours a day, 7-days a week and will respond quickly and efficiently to your emergency.

What if I Need Something Done That's Not Covered by the Contract?

RDM service contracts can include any service and service frequency requested by the customer. However, RDM will gladly quote and perform (when authorized by the customer) any special service not covered by the contract on an "as needed" basis and will bill the customer separately.

Who Will Provide My Cleaning or Maintenance?

RDM will perform a search of our qualified, experienced pool of applicants to find the employee(s) who will meet your specific needs and requirements.

How Often Will the Cleaning or Maintenance Personnel Change?

As long as both you and our employee(s) are happy, you can expect to have the same staff provide your service. For those times the match between customer and employee(s) just isn't working, RDM will resume the recruiting, screening, hiring and training process to find you the right personnel. RDM employees are valued and respected and many of them remain with us for many years.

What Incentives do RDM Employees Have to Stay With the Company?

RDM pays each employee fairly and promptly. RDM also provides benefits such as holiday pay, company paid uniforms, and performance bonuses. We have a long list of applicants waiting for positions with RDM Services, Inc.!

What Happens if an Employee Calls in Sick or Takes Vacation?

RDM will provide a substitute, at no additional charge to the customer, from an experienced and qualified group of employees that is employed by RDM in this capacity. Or, if preferred by the customer, RDM will issue a credit for service.